Answers to Brokers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the Auto Dismantler Shield Insurance. It is our preference that agents submitting accounts to this program have experience in dealing with the auto salvage industry and currently control a book of these types of risks. Attached, you’ll find a Auto Dismantler Shield Insurance Program brochure, as well as a copy of the brokerage agreement that will need to be completed once business is written with our agency. You will also find attached a copy of our supplemental application, which is to be completed and returned with all submissions to the program.

See here some commonly asked questions regarding our program:

What lines of business do you write?

  • Property (including equipment breakdown)
  • Inland Marine
  • General Liability
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Commercial Auto
  • Umbrella
  • Pollution Liability
  • Workers Compensation

What types of risks fit your program?

  • Auto dismantlers and U-Pull-it Operations

How are accounts submitted to the program?

Completed Supplemental Application

Completed Acord Applications (full VIN #s on all equipment/autos)

4 Yrs of currently valued loss runs

All driver information including date of birth and driver's license number

Please note: a 30 day lead time is preferred and quotes will be provided subject to favorable loss control

If an account is written, what are the payment plan options available?

  • Direct Bill
  • Annual – 100% payment (All Payment Methods)
  • Quarterly – 25% down, 3 equal installments at 90-day intervals (Non-automatic Withdrawals)
  • Monthly – 25% down, 9 equal installments billed at 1-month intervals (Non-automatic Withdrawals)
  • Ten Equal- 10% down, 9 equal installments billed at 1 month intervals(>$20K)( Non-automatic Withdrawals)
  • 12 Equal Installments (EFT Automatic Withdrawals)

Can my agency do certificates?

You’re agency will have full rights to produce certificates

How are endorsements & change requests handled?

Endorsement requests will be made through our agency. You will be assigned an account executive that will be your single point of contact for all requests.

Thank you again for your interest in the Auto Dismantler Shield Insurance Program